Monday, January 25, 2016


Up in the dark under the light of a full moon. Lorraine up early, and off. Me up early and off to London. Not before having an explosively upset stomach, so bad I wondered if I should stay at home. But I went anyway, nervous that I was going to soil myself on the crowded train. Especially when it was being delayed for an extra half an hour crawling towards Clapham. Arrived at the agency where I was greeted very warmly, with Suzie, Jo and Yas all leaping up to kiss me, and Matt and Steve giving me a friendly shakes of the hand.

Working with Dave briefly trying to salvage something from the time we had. Then to the Charity to receive ten pages of feedback on a clutch of material I'd written for them. Feedback included the fact they don't like the world 'For', and my word choice in one case was a bit wussy, in another place it was patronising, there it was old-fashioned and in two places cheesy. The cheesy phrase was particularly singled out for praise by another part of the same charity, but hey-ho. Manged to keep smiling. But a nice chat with Jo on the train back to London, she's about the same age as Beth and loves acting.

At 'Clappers' (as a woman walking past me was calling it) I risked eating: a small chicken and leek pastry which when I bit into it on the train was empty inside. Walking home from Preston Park glancing up the hill looking at the just-past-full moon. The carpet being laid tomorrow, so moving furniture about the house from the downstairs in a lumbering and heavy version of Tetris. Cats nervous and excitable. Lorraine had a hard day at work, after a poor night's sleep the previous night. We need to organise a poster for A Glass of Nothing, apparently. I need to finish writing the bloody thing, when I get a break.

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