Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Starting school

Lorraine springing off as today was her first day with a full school. I spent much of the day writing more Chad stuff in concentrated way while Cass downstairs cheerily painting our front room. Beth lurking in her room. My office cluttered with bits from around the house. Hosing rain for much of the day. Between rain I went to the carpet shop around the corner to pick up some samples and have a long chat with the carpet lady who was friendly and had theories about how men and women see colours differently. Also bought flowers for Lorraine, which she did not clap eyes on till almost ten o'clock.

Lorraine tarrying at school until she went to pilates. Beth and I sloped off to the Preston Park Tavern, where Lorraine joined us for supper and a good debriefing on what sounded like a successful first day. Lorraine animated and cheery - although with a sense that there is much to be done. Home and early to bed.

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