Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A glimpse of sea

Another day of copyslogging. I've never had the experience of writing so much based on a short lived experience (going to Chad) before. Every day I am in one way or another having to relive the the things I learned there. Making me think how ghastly post-traumatic stress disorder must be. For me Chad was benign, but I learned the other day that the area we visited will, this spring, be classified as subject to extreme hunger trending towards starvation. Having met some who this will fate will fall on, it is a very hard thing to think about.

A much needed jolt of positive feedback on a couple of things I'd written today from the client via Matty. In a short lull between jobs I had another walk. It being such a bright and clear day that it seemed mad not to. Walked up my road to the top of the hill, then took a long circular route home again. It's good for mental clarity to be able to glimpse the downs and the distant sea reflecting the low sun.

Beth at home today, recording some stuff for an audition and kindly cooking supper with squeaky haloumi cheese. Spoke to Mum on facetime, and also have, thanks to Anton, found a new app called Skygamblers where I can pretend for ten minutes every now and then to shoot down WW2 airplanes from my own virtual WW2 airplane, which is obviously tremendously satisfying.

In the evening, waiting for Lorraine to return home, taking a leaf out of Lucy WithaY's JFDI book, I sent off a complicated invoice and some poems to an online magazine called Zoomorphic.  Lorraine home and needing to be fed and watch the detectives after pilates. Once Lorraine had fallen asleep (having got up very early and worked hard) I finished reading Citizen by Claudia Rankine. An improving book about subtle and not so subtle racism against black people, mainly in America. Can't say I loved it though.

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