Friday, January 29, 2016

Living for the weekend

Work less intense, and I found myself with enough time to go for a stroll around the park and into the walled garden, trying to get my head together. Draining week, and I'm just living for the weekends at the moment.  Beth and I also secured the booking for the Box theatre in the Warren.

Celebrated with a twenty minute doze on the sofa went out with Lorraine, back from a two day conference for headteachers (talking heads apparently). I had missed her. Pushed off to the Preston Park Tavern and sat looking at the map of Belgium and talking to Lorraine and drinking a couple of pints of Doom Bar beer and then feeling the assorted unpleasantnesses of the week abating. I am warming to my local. Lorraine talking about the conference. Apparently the heads had a boogie on Thursday night, which sounds fun.  Beth joined us and we all had a bite to eat. A beef burger for me, and the second one in a about four or five years. It was delicious.

Home feeling decompressed and cheerful.

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