Saturday, January 09, 2016


A relaxed, slow start to the day. Lots of talking that we hadn't had energy to do over the week.  Then an organisational day, doing things like drilling holes above the window in the front room so we could hang the curtains again, and then hanging curtains. I like doing things like this with Lorraine, as I have little confidence as a DIY person without her. A visit to the carpet shop nearby too, to discuss carpets. The colour of a carpet is a fiendishly difficult decision sometimes. Also went to get the car washed (by dour hooded men under the viaduct) and visit Miss Mole's Flower Emporium (the owner kissing Lorraine hello) where I bought a terrarium for Lorraine to have in her new office. If Lorraine had her life again I think she might work with Miss Mole in her flower emporium. It is a fragrant place.

Then Lorraine cooked a gorgeous fish pie, and we watched a little TV before she conked out. I stayed up and watched some episodes of Nathan Barley a cult comedy of which only half a dozen episodes were made ten years ago. Full of excellent people and very interesting, but a kind of brilliant failure.

Below inside the car as it washed.

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