Monday, January 18, 2016

Lost and found

Another slogging-all-day day. Managed to slope out for a 45 mins walk early afternoon, after a pleasant and efficient electrician called Kenny had come and brought dazzling light to one of our lightless bathrooms. Being manacled to the desk all day is far from good for you. As I was almost home again, Beth called me having returned to a Mary Celeste home.

More work then I had a Facebook messenger chat with cousin Wendy in Denman Island in British Columbia, Canada. It feels really nice to be connected again after such a long time. Her facebook reveals her surrounded by beautiful nature and various animals from pet rats to ponies. We spent a summer together when Toby and I were kids in Guernsey. I was 11 and Wendy was 13 and we got on really well. I've never seen her since then, although we have been in touch once or twice. I have a golden eagle feather on my desk that Wendy once sent me.

Lorraine home and after we'd eaten a pasta chicken bake, Lorraine and I went out for another walk to discuss the day. Although it was -2 outside, appropriate weather for this time of year at least, and made coming home into the warmth very nice. Read more of Citizen by Claudia Rankine. Interesting book.

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