Saturday, January 30, 2016

Burny mouth time

A happy day. Re-hanging pictures in the main room. L & I using calculations and precise measurements. Time to take in the carpet, which we are both well pleased with in terms of colour. It also makes the room noticeably warmer and larger seeming. A few other bits and pieces done, a much needed low-key day.

In the evening Dawn came around and we sauntered down to the Joker to meet Anton. Feeling suddenly stressed and horrid when I got there, but a chat with Anton and a glass of beer soon rectified all this. Great to see Anton and Dawn although the Joker a bit elbowy and busy it being January payday Friday. Although Dawn assertively got a free round of drinks while we were waiting and also got the DJ to turn down the music. Takes some skill to be able to select only mediocre soul music from the 70s.

After we had sufficiently burny mouths (Anton and I had Woof Woof Wings), back to the Preston Park Tavern for an final drink before going home.

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