Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pressing on

Pressing on, rewriting brochures, tweaking a script, talking to Dave about scamps etc. Marginally more optimistic, with no crisis and able to glimpse the end of the week. As Lorraine was at a headteacher's conference & Beth was out I scored myself some fish and chips, then went for a walk down to the sea and along the seafront under the iSore and along a bit. Good to breath some air after having been manacled to my desk for the last few days. Dark and blowy, but not very cold. Listening to the mildly-diverting debaucheries of Keith Richards as I walked.

Will go with Mum to Diane's funeral in a fortnight, I'd like to pay my respects and good to be with Mum there too.

Facebooked by Nicki Rose, or Ricki Nose as Reuben, First Matie and I called her quite often, who'd found a farewell poem I'd written her a frightening 21 years ago. It was based on Lake Isle of Innisfree by Yeats for some reason. Nicki was leaving IBM to work for Walt Disney: "You will arise and go now, and go to Walt Disney/And a small empire build there, of duck and rodent made:/Pocohontas will you have there, a Pooh for the honey tree/And steamy Donal' Ducks in the bee-loud glade. // So farewell then Nicki, we're sad you're set on going/But with your cartoon face, and animated features/With your tranquil temperament and aspect glowing/You're a natural among the cartoon creatures." Quite sweet, although the steamy duck business a bit ribald. I was sitting opposite Nicki when I was briefly into Reiki. One day she passed out at her desk, and in the first aid room I gave her a spot of Reiki, much to the outrage of the first aider who suspected I was some kind of pervert.

In other news Betty and I sorting out some photos for A Glass of Nothing. Here's one....

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