Monday, January 18, 2016

Slogging on Sunday

A dusting of snow this morning. The ranks of white roofs, and the glimpses of the distant downs looking pretty from our bedroom.

Beth had arranged for people to buy at a nominal price our 6ft by 6ft book case (as we are having shelves put in, instead). Two numpties turned up with a roofrack on a car and no money, and left with a promise to return. Not something I am looking foward to particularly.

Sadly L and I both working Sunday. Lorraine going through piles of files downstairs. Me in my study writing various Chad related charity stuff, then managing to send out an actual poetry manuscript to a competition. A nice roast supper, and then a walk around the dark streets. Lorraine watched one of her favourite programmes Call the Midwife, a bit of footy then bed with the sense that the weekend had been all too brief.

A glimpse out of the window, and some quickly departing snow dust.

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