Saturday, January 02, 2016

The last feast

Off shopping with Lorraine today, who had a long list of things to buy for her new job and returned with none of them. I, in contrast, although unable to find a pad with yellow lined paper, managed to buy a new jumper and jacket for I am toying with the idea of making this year the year of the Peacock, in which I compensate for the scorns of time by strutting about in a gaudy new plumage.

Home, and then Lorraine and I went off with Beth down to The Shahi where we met John, who we'd not seen since before Christmas and strapped on the nosebags, and were given a bottle of wine for New Year. Drawing to a close the official season of gormandising. Now for a season of self-restraint and health, if only so I can fit into my new jacket with more elan.

John got me a Cinematic Orchestra album called the Man with the movie camera, which I enjoyed a great deal when he played it me recently.

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