Sunday, January 31, 2016

Misty Morning

A misty morning so I played Misty Morning by Bob Marley on my phone as Lorraine and I were getting up. Lyrics seemed very apposite. A healthy porridge breakfast and then off to a garden centre to buy a large pot to plant the magnolia tree Anton bought for us.

We mixed bought compost with that from our very own composter. Good to have created chocolatey coloured compost from all those peelings and clippings. Oddly good to get my hands muddy. The ground despite us being chalky here and on the side of a hill quite waterlogged. The plants confused due to El Niño and global warming. A large fox poo outside the house, caused by wanton vulpine carelessness.

A quiet afternoon. Lorraine cooked the most amazing chicken pie tonight. Pie perfection. My wife has many talents. Pies are just one.

Speaking to Janet, Mum and Toby this afternoon. Toby in Ottowa airport.

Felling well rid of January. Looking to get a grip, starting tomorrow.

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