Saturday, January 23, 2016

Date night

Saturday and a good deal more cheery. Lovely day spent with Lorraine, even though it was spent doing things like taking stuff to the tip, and beginning to sort out the front room in readiness for the carpet people now coming on Tuesday.

In the afternoon walked across to Anton's house to give Klaudia her birthday present, which was a golden ticket. With Beth's help I hunted down a street dancing show at The Dome, which will be fun for both of us. Klaudia 12 today, which is a shaker. She had also been on the ghastly and terrifying ride at the end of the pier today, three times, with her pal Mia. Anna came round while we were there too, I'd not seen her for a while. She, Anton, Anne and the bairns off for a birthday feed.

Lorraine and I went to the Shakespeare's Head for a quick glass or two of beer, before going to the Shahi. Really enjoyed sitting in there chatting. Felt like a bit of a date night, and I felt the Nazgûl wing lifting. We were all done and on our way home by a very sensible eight o'clock however. I watched a SF film with Tom Cruise called Oblivion which was a bit poor and derivative, but ticked the escapism box.

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