Sunday at home

Lorraine and Beth involved working all day on preparation for Beth's play on Wednesday. John snuffly and needing some rest. I had a strong stage idea today, and had time to capture it. Otherwise a good deal of sitting about chatting, eating an enormous breakfast, then a delicious roast in the evening, thinking about the reparations I will have to undergo in the gym.

Spoke to Mum who made me laugh with a story of a bus inspector looking at her freedom pass for pensioners, and telling her cheekily that she still looked good.

Interesting to talk to John about music. He listens to music that was current when I was a lad, and even likes King Crimson. I have warmed to John and Beth is completely herself around him, which is always good.

Heard from Richard, he and Jane are off to Italy for an extended Tuscan stay in the spring. A rather brilliant move, sidestepping some building work going on at home. Richard writing lots, and Jane helping Edward Chaney with some research for a possible book about G.B. Edwards. Feel deeply impressed by the intelligence of the Tuscan idea.

A few more chapters of The Sheltering Sky in. A bus driver character in it describing the next town they are to visit saying the flies there are like black snow. Yuck.

Little cheering in the news. Russia seems to have invaded the Crimea, Knife wielding maniacs stabbing dozens of people in a Chinese train station, and Manchester City won a cup. No joy there.