Relationship status: desperate

Lorraine ill in bed most of the day. I worked above her all day, occasionally bringing her dry toast, black tea and later a miso soup. Luckily the strategic bucket remained unfilled. With a heroic effort she dragged herself out and off to Kingston this evening to see Betty's dissertation piece.

We arrived in the nick of time to see Relationship status: desperate. The piece that Emily and Beth put together worked really well I thought. It had a proper structure and some really funny turns from the girls.

The boys in their production, acting as their dates, brought a variety of caricatures to their performance that made them shine too. I am biased, of course, but Beth's ability to convey two things at the same time with one expression, her irony and comedy are really excellent. Lots of laughter in the show from the college audience. Emily did really well too especially in a slapstick routine with a hopelessly clumsy date, that saw her getting drunk, water sprayed in her face and inadvertently groped among other things. The girls had been nervous about it, but they pulled it off extremely well. Beth massively relieved.

A quick chat with Gary and Sophie after, and John, Betty's new boyfriend, before we headed home having seen Beth post show.

Reading The Sheltering Sky on the train journey. An intriguing book. The writing is a bit patchy, but when it's good it is wonderful.

Below Emily and Betty snapped onstage in their onesies.