Hurdling the smalltalk

A surprisingly sunny and lovely day in Brighton. And shortly after chatting with Sonia, I took myself to Starbucks to work there for a couple of hours over an Americano. Worked well today, there and on returning home.

In the late afternoon I went to The Foundry where I met Mark and Carole and their daughter Melissa. A quick drink, before Melissa and I got our heads together to talk about a speech she had to give at a funeral.  An interesting chat, she is studying philosophy and is intelligent, thoughtful and empathetic and all round a great credit to her parents. We talked about death and mourning and I helped her organise her thoughts, rather in the way I had with Beth for her play a few weeks ago. Sometimes it is refreshing to fast forward through the smalltalk onto the real stuff.

Dropped home by Mark and Carole, and a quiet night in with my lovely who went to work, but is still slowly recovering. We made a vegetarian shepherds pie, which was rather good and we tucked happily into this. Anything that contains mashed potato is lapped up by Mrs Kenny.