Mr Magoo buys buns

Up fairly early and off to buy bread. Lorraine zoomed off to have a walk with Beth by the seaside. I did some bits and pieces of writing, and then went for a walk of my own just up to the hill top on the way home I bought some hot cross buns in the Co-op. I did not have my glasses with me, and only when I returned with my booty did I realise the dark things in it were not raisins but tiny lumps of Belgian chocolate. Sam, Lorraine and I ate the novelty buns with interest but all preferred the normal ones. I wonder what Jesus would have made of them.

Early evening, I went to the chippy and bought fish and chips for myself and a bag of chips for Lorraine: £8. You never quite know what you are going to be charged at Jenny's but it is always very reasonable, and the people there are nice.  Sam had leftover curry and Lorraine added fried eggs to her chips. 

Later we three played cards, which was fun, and listened to some music that Sam chose, which I quite enjoyed. Then Lorraine and I collapsed onto the sofa before heading to bed early. 

The almost full moon low over Preston Drove as I returned home with my fish and chips. Just as I was turning up our road. Got entangled with our neighbours whose dog was being strongly attracted to my aromatic bag.