Fox meat surprise

Another day with Keith, working as our virtual team. His regular partner, Ross, is working on a longer contract, so we may be hooking up a bit more regularly for a while. 

Otherwise not much to report. I spoke to Mum who said she had been talking to Maureen and was mystified to learn that Maureen had cooked a recipe with pickled walnuts and fox meat. Pickled walnuts are delicious and quite a favourite in Lorraine's family, but the fox meat is new. Reassured Mum, who had been puzzling on this, that there had probably been a miscommunication. Mum also said she got, very early, the card we sent her for Mother's Day.

Lorraine had a slightly better day, with parents behaving better.

Did a few broken up short walks again to get to my daily total. Began listening to Kazuo Ishiguro's new novel Klara and the sun as I toddled. I am a fan of his work.

Calliope's desk nest is still working a treat.



Richard Fleming said…
Faux meat, sometimes pronounced incorrectly as fox, perhaps?
Peter Kenny said…
Thinking like a sleuth Richard!