Big news from over the pond

Lorraine working from home today. I had to get up for an 8 o'clock start, but brought her a cup of tea in bed before having the morning to catch up on various jobs she wanted to do, before starting work again.

Somewhat gruelling day with Keith, and various creative presentations via Microsoft teams. A generally positive response to the work we have been doing however. A nice bunch of people. Then after work, a spot of recording with Robin for the next episode of Planet Poetry. Only time for a quick 15 minute walk today. And an opinion needed from mes amis in Paris about a forthcoming job.

Lorraine and I played a few games of cards this evening, before settling down to another episode of The Wire. The week seems to have been going on for ages, even though it is Wednesday. 

An email today from the Romster after I'd sent her congratulations on the huge role she has landed in the Canadian Finance Industry. Toby regularly updated me on the resilience she has shown through a process which lasted many months.  I liked to see photos of her looking simultaneously smiley and corporate, and read her authoritative quotes. She's a wonder. Nice that she and Toby can now talk openly about the news.