At least one clean blackbird

Keith in a foul mood as his neck had flared up and he was in lots of pain, and muttering about telling everyone to off off and throwing the job in and so on. All this made the prospect of two important presentations with him a bit more exciting than necessary. When it came to it, of course, his behaviour was impeccable. But this was not before I had the vision of the week's work and earnings going up in smoke. I remained calm. Interspersing the day with several short walks -- even if it is just 15 mins, seems to help. It is very hard to be your best self under lockdown conditions.  

A feeling of relief at being able to head for the gold sofa with Lorraine. Three more days of this job next week. The nameless entities haunting the vast batsqueaky voids of the Kenny coffers may yet find their slumbers disturbed. 

A little bit of walking this week, first thing, at lunchtime and so on. Noticed little things like the blooming of spring flowers, and I was so excited by seeing a bird use the birdbath after at least half a year of it being utterly ignored by our feathered friends, that I sent a photograph of it to Lorraine. 

The podcast, episode 10, uploaded by Robin on Thursday to Planet Poetry  I found her interview with Inua Ellams inspiring, and he came across as a likeable and very talented man. I found it hard to listen to my contributions this week, being gripped by a bout of imposter syndrome. Luckily we have a three week break now. 

A curry and three cans of beer tonight to celebrate. Lorraine tired and very pleased to reach the weekend too. None of my own writing this week. Doing the podcast and the job more than enough. Cheers.