Half day happiness

Up very early to get on with the last of the job I've been working on with Keith this week, after a few comments came in from one of the team in France. Everyone based in France I work with is really nice.

After a focused few hours we were done, thank goodness and I could get on arranging some interviews for the podcast. One will be with one of the editors of a Norton anthology of Native Nations Poetry, which will be interesting. A soul restoring walk this afternoon, listening to Klara and the Sun

A chat with Anton at lunchtime. In the afternoon after my walk, I watched two more episodes of The Terror which the Tobster told me about and I really like but is not to Lorraine's taste.  

Lorraine had a better day today although this has been a very hard week for her. I cooked a salmon stir fry and we watched Masterchef and the last episode of season 4 of The Wire which is great.

Below an image from The Terror, and an adorned tree encountered on my walk. Makes me think people have been doing this sort of thing for thousands of years.