A blanket solution

Lorraine's school now fully open -- and it was a tough day. Not because of the kids, but there seems to be a lot of pent up unhappiness which means one or two parents were acting up. Lorraine has her jab next week, I wish they had given it to her earlier.

Working the first three days this week with Keith again, still suffering from a bad neck which hurts when he has to fiddle about on indesign, which is a lot of what he does at this stage. I am looking forward to Thursday, when I can pick up the threads of my own work.  

I managed to squeeze in a few short walks during the day so that after work I just had to walk around the block to reach my 10k. Felt quite cheery on my first walk of the day. 

I also employed a cat blanket on my desk which Calliope slept on peacefully for hours, an improvement on her usual wanton desk vandalism, trotting on keyboards, knocking stuff pens on the floor and so on.