A bum note

Spent Friday going on a few walks and preparing to interview Leanne Howe, who is a poet from the  Choctaw Nation. However we had to bump the interview till Monday shortly before it was due to take place. I was not too worried by this as I was feeling a bit flat this afternoon. 

Just before close of the working day got another offer of work starting Wednesday  next week. However it was complicated by agency deciding to employ us under IR35. This is a new tax change designed to wreak havoc on freelancers everywhere, adding layers of admin and uncertainty. The agency is going to treat Keith and I as pay as you earn employees for the week of the job, so deducting all tax and NI at source, leading to lots of accountancy unpicking later -- and a greatly reduced payment meanwhile. We have slightly raised what we are charging because of it, and this job now hangs in the balance. What freelancers need, after the worst business year for many in living memory, is a slew of new obstacles to navigate. Infuriating, and a bum note for Friday.  

Still, a nice chat with Mum, Lorraine home early a few beers at the end of the day, and a delivery curry from the Shahi and chats with Sam and Lorraine made everything a good deal better.