Back into the wild

Plop! That's the sound of me slipping like a lithe young otter into the river having been released back into the wild after Keith and I finished the job to everyone's satisfaction. I had spent till 8pm waiting for feedback, but this was easily dealt with. Meanwhile I interviewed Alireza Abiz, an Iranian poet, translator and author about the Sarah Mcguire prize for which he was chair of judges, and about world poetry. A lovely man, and once edited it will be a good interview.

Keith and I may well be teaming up again soon, he has been my lucky mascot when it comes to earning doubloons lately, that's for sure.

Drifted downstairs to watch the penultimate episode of The Wire with Lorraine. All is good. Lorraine dragging herself through the week -- and it is only Tuesday. I can't wait till Easter and her having some proper time off.

A few bits of short walks between bits of work. But not my full 10k.