A day with a degree of big and cleverness about it

A full day and no mistake guv'nor. Excellent news ... Doctor Spotlight is now published online. Also The Grieving is published in Supernatural Tales today. Sadly there was little time to sit about feeling big and clever. 

Friendly email from Yang Lian this morning, and I arranged to interview Brian Holton, his translator. He was available immediately, so I snuck in a cheeky twenty minute call to him this morning, recording the interview. A lovely man, who has translated Lian since the nineties, and also is the only regular translator of Chinese into Scots, as well as being a poet and musician and performer. However this leaves me with a big problem as I now have three interviews with fluent and talkative people to condense into one show. 

Sonia here today, but I stayed locked in my room and barely had time to talk to her. Brief chats with Sam and Jade during the day. And snatched ones with Betty about rum, and Anton too.

Otherwise working on a new brief. Read background material this morning, and then a brief at noon, and spent the afternoon trying to puzzle out with Keith what it all meant. Another of those briefs, which would have never have been signed in ye olde days, without a proposition. Part of the job now it seems for creatives is to work out what the creative question is, as well as the answer. This nudged Keiths grouchometer into the red zone obviously.   

A bit of a walk late afternoon helped everything. Home again, and started hacking at interviews, and then delighted in a lovely meal Jade cooked which included jollof rice, which I had not had for some time. We are eating up at the table, now that Sam and Jade are here, and it definitely is more civilised.

Lorraine absolutely shattered. One more day for her to go. I was pretty brain dead too. We slugged on the Gold Sofa. We are watching the Original series of Star Trek off and on on DVD. Great fun and this first series takes me back to my childhood, watching them in Neasden. There is one episode which horrified me, when a teenager with godlike powers glances at a woman, and her face becomes a featureless blank. Watching it now, her face seems crudely taped over and it is rather unconvincing. The idea haunted me for ages though.