A new fish in the tank

Another fish in the tank this weekend, with the welcome arrival of Sam who will be followed in a couple of weeks by Jade. living with us for a while, till the unpleasantness blows over. Lorraine collected him and a carful of stuff from Sian's place in Kingsbury on Sunday. Sian is moving to a new home, and Jade is staying for a couple of weeks to help her get everything sorted. Sam arrived safely and in good spirits.

Otherwise on Saturday Lorraine spent time playing computer games and chatting with Beth. I am working on poems, and it is going quite well. Also I took myself for a long walk. Rather revelling in what was for me effectively a four day weekend -- as I don't start work on the new freelance work till Tuesday.

Sauntering about looking at the skies moving rapidly in the wind. Taking photographs with black and white in mind. Including this path that was glistening in the sun, and the others of cloud tones.