Pootering on

Pootering on unremarkably. Slipped on the desk manacles at 7:30 and worked on the rabies stuff, (known in France as la rage) sending concepts off to Paris at lunchtime. Heard back that they were happy, and they will get back to me in a few days. Went for a couple of brisk walks to exceed 10k. Had scales delivered to replace the others which speak with forked tongue. Chatted to Anton, who I will see tomorrow.

Started doing final edit of the Children's book, but found I was in the wrong headspace for it and mucking it up a bit, so I simply stopped and will start freshly tomorrow morning.

At a loose end late this afternoon I watched The Sky at Night, the monthly astronomy show, which was talking about efforts to return to the moon, of which there are many going on now. I find my interest in astronomy rekindled lately, and The Sky at Night has always been pitched in the right way, clear and not condescending or slow. The programme has been going since 1957. Lorraine home tired and hungry, but with the end of her academic year in sight.