Ending with a bang

A sweltering day today, one of the UK's hottest ever. Lorraine's last day at school with kiddies in it, as part of the leaver's ceremony they all climb up to the top of the church tower, and this year Lorraine did it too. She arrived home very tired, but burdened with flowers and plants that she had been given by grateful parents. Then she had to go out again with the staff for a party. She was driving though so did not drink.

I worked at What You Look For lots. It has fallen into a really good shape right away, and as I was tweaking the end, I felt a frisson of fear. If I am scaring myself, surely it a good sign. Tom arrived this morning, and left gin for us again. In the evening, after I had done a few bits of admin, I went off to the gym, mooching across the park to get there. Inside was a great deal cooler than the outside world, and got home again at 9:20.

When Lorraine finally got home, I made her a large gin and tonic, and then we went to bed. We had our Juliette windows open, and there was a spectacular thunderstorm, the bulk of it slightly to the west of Brighton, we lay in bed but the wrong way round to get a better view of the sky lighting up till we both fell asleep.