Bobbing and bubbling

Up fairly early for a Sunday. I scamped up two designs for the banner for Lorraine's school, sitting at my desk in the craft room.

Then L and I zoomed out to a garden centre, where we bought a few flowering plants, including a  chocolate cosmos which smells strikingly of chocolate.

Then into the Lorraine's gym, which is a lot posher than mine. Trouble is that it is out in the sticks and hard for me to get to without a car. We spoke to them about joint membership, which they do not have. Amusingly, they call their joining fee an 'integration programme', and you get some slight discount if you complete their 'integration journey' (i.e. allow them to pitch various courses etc. while they show you the ropes).  The place itself, Wickwoods, is lovely. The people in the changing rooms were all around my age or even older. Usually I feel like some kind of coelacanth in the changing room of my own gym. We did a good gym session, then had a swim and we bobbed and bubbled in a warm jacuzzi for a while, and then sat in a steam room. After showering and getting changed, we had a coffee in a nice outside area, somewhat marred by a woman with a face like an angry bulldog on a distant table speaking so violently loud that I could barely hear Lorraine sitting next to me.

Next we drove to see Beth and John for a cup of tea. A fire in a ground floor flat in Tisbury Road where they live requiring the road to be blocked off by police cars. No one was hurt. John has lost lots of weight. Everyone sat about naming foods and showing each other photos of food in recipe books. Home hungry. We hurriedly cooked food, and relaxed in the evening.