Out with Anton

Back to my own work today, editing the children's book and still finding various imperfections. Made off to the gym in the afternoon, which was sweltering as the air con is being repaired. I overheated, and was happy to step back into the breeze outside. Met Anton at six in The Batty, and having exercised all day and eaten little, I was able to imbibe many of the day's calories in a sparkling, lagery form. I have read that The Battle of Trafalgar is going to be refurbished, and the interior changed under new hands soon. This will be a great shame as the Batty, once the nearest pub to my front door in the Twitten, reminds me of first coming to Brighton.

Not seen Anton for some time, as he had been away with work in Hungary, and then on a few days walking break. He was full of excitement about a Sherlock Holmes style game he had been playing. We drifted to a few other pubs, dropping in at The Caxton and the Sun and Moon and Stars and The Foundry before going our own ways. Walked briskly home and went straight to bed, where my lovely Lorraine was already tucked up.