And relax...

So just the 12 hours sleep then. Lorraine and I got out of bed pretty refreshed and had breakfast with Toby and Romy. The house is gorgeous, with high ceilings, and decorations made in black metal. There are two triangular spell-like words on the wall over the sink, as well as pottery pineapples, and pottery owls. The floor is sone in slabs with circles of shell fossils in. Outside is a veranda with tables and chairs, and a long thin salt water swimming pool, in which we all swam. Spent the day reading, and lounging and swimming, and chatting in an unhurried way. Lovely to catch up with Romy who we haven't seen in too long, hearing about her recent short course at Harvard.

Returned to the bedroom to sleep a bit more, for I am surprised at how, having let myself relax a bit, just how tiredness and stress is releasing itself in bubbles.

I had a gorgeous swim in the late afternoon, however this was slightly truncated by a suicidal bee, landing on my back and jabbing me as I swam. Lorraine removed the sting with her tweezers.

In the evening Toby drove us off to Noto, stopping again in the SiPiu supermarket, to stock up on vitals like gin and various foodstuffs. From there Toby parked us in a carpark and we walked up a narrow stone floored Italian street, in a baroque style with loads of ornate balconies, with side streets rising up in decorated stairs, or sloping down full of interesting looking restaurants, and art galleries and so on. On one of these we went to a gorgeous restaurant called Manna Noto which had been recommended to Romy. To my surprise everyone spoke English there, the food was delicate and lovely. We shared a bottle of excellent wine from the slopes of Mt. Etna, which erupted with complex flavours.

Then a saunter back to the carpark. Toby had the stressful job of driving us home in the dark, including the off road bits. We arrived safely, and walked out to look at the stars, the smear of the milky way just visible, and then made off to bed.

I sat up in bed reading my David Sedaris book Calypso, and chuckling before it was time to sleep.

Below a few views from around the house. More to follow, with people in hopefully too. The sculpture was in a courtyard we passed in Noto.