Duck salad

Made good progress today on the editing. Two, maybe three days work left on this absolutely bloody final edit. A chat with Sonia, before pushing off to the London Road branch of my gym, which I found I could simply enter with my pin. A spacious well equipped gym on two floors and, above all, pleasingly cool. However did a couple of exercises and stepped on the cross trainer and felt a bit shaky and odd. Simply got off and got changed and left. Once outside I felt more myself again, as I had drunk lots of water. I bought a banana ate it, and simply went back to the gym and completed what I wanted to do without an issue. This was good for my self respect. 

A second note from Thomas Krecht in Hamburg today, who L and I met in La Barbarie. I had mentioned that I had been listening to King Crimson now its all on Spotify, and he said he had been listening to the track Starless and Bible Black, which he said is the saddest of their songs, and in my opinion the best of them too.  

Lorraine late, she has had all kinds of IT hassles and a power cut in the village over the last couple of days. Home, and we simply went down to The Park View, where we had a carb free salad with bits of duck in it, and shared a small portion of chips. Felt like a feast. This is the future.