Big day

Lorraine off and out to work extra early as it was a big day for her school. She was waking up in the night and making notes.

As a consequence I was at my desk a smidge before seven, and finished the major edits on my children's book. Very pleased with how much better going this extra mile has made the story. Next job is to go line by line through it with a fine tooth comb for fresh errors that may have slipped in during the reworking, using Charlotte's editing style as a template. I have decided on a name for it too, which is Magnificent Grace, with a subtitle The Witch Grace Brown Adventures #1. Now all that's left to do is get the cover design sorted and I am ready to launch it, as a 'back to school' offering in September. So a big day for me too.

This done by 1pm, I decided to not flog the horses this afternoon. Chatted to Sonia, and took two short walks which added up to 10k. My French clients also requested some of my time next week, which is pleasing.

Lorraine home at her normal time, and we sloped down to the Park View where I had a pint of Guinness and Lorraine had a gin and tonic. Then we popped across the road to get an Indian takeaway, Lorraine carefully chose bits to stay low in calories, I damned the torpedoes reckoning I had stayed within my limits for the last 14 days and had a chicken jalfraizi with plain boiled rice.

Home and tucking happily into this as I had been craving chilli heat. Little did I suspect I would be ambushed by a very hot chilli which, when I bit it, contrived to squirt fiery chilli juice into my lungs. This, alarmingly, sent my throat into a weird spasm where I could not breathe for a while, which was alarmed both of us. Lorraine thought I was choking and sensibly thumped me on the back. Luckily I was able to start getting my breath after about thirty seconds and after slugs of cold water was able to continue none the worse for wear. The second thing was that I was unable to finish my food, because I was far too full. This surely is a good sign.

Below the bit in Preston Park where the wild flowers are, a new poppy. Just loved the vibrating colours.