Up early and making my weekly list. Then I was sent a brief about rabies, and spent the day looking attempting to come up with a campaign. Unlike poor rabid dogs the job has yet to have me foaming at the mouth with excitement. There is a target to eliminate rabies from the planet by 2030.

Two walks, to keep the cobwebs off and do my 10k. Raging at the bathroom scales. Wildly different readings within seconds. The important thing is that I am now used to counting calories and have kept under the required amount for two and a half weeks, and it is becoming a habit. I don't feel underfed or hungry but am definitely eating less, so this has to be good. Sent off for new scales.

Otherwise Mum called to talk about the ghost goat of Guernsey, which they were talking about on Facebook. And when Lorraine got home we ate, and then did some gardening. Clem handed us a bottle of pink elderflower wine they had made next door from the tree in the garden, which was kind.

Later we watched an episode or two of Killing Eve. I liked the first series but whatever it was that helped you suspend disbelief has flung itself overboard for series two.