Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Woof woof Wednesday

Woke up to the appalling news of a terrible fire in West London. Appalling scenes in a gorgeous hot sunny day. A news festival of course, and I watched some of the coverage on TV. Slick TV presenters uncomfortable with the dazed and traumatised people wandered about them. Lorraine avoiding coverage, due to her traumatic memories of treating people hurt at the Kings Cross fire as a young nurse.

In my life all good. Worked on my novel, finalised things with the printer, having to correct the poster before it went to print. A sense of making progress.

Also went to the gym. Hot and sweaty, and walking back home through the park looking at senior school children sitting about after school in the heat made me think how short life is. Can it really be 40 years since I was doing the same sort of thing? It seems like only yesterday, etc. etc. Time is not linear anyway.

Chatted to Mum, who had been to meditation group the night before. It made her feel completely different about today, which is a bit of a result I think.

I received a present through the post, a copy of Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson, a short story collection that she had mentioned when we met up last week. That was really kind of her.

Then to meet Anton for an early supper of Woof woof wings, and a few beers at The Joker. On Wednesdays you get a three for two deal on wings. We arrived early and were served really early too. Lots of chatting with pleasantly fiery mouths. Anton of course, has not been eating much, using the opportunity of his mum being away to lose weight. He said he only ate a Jamaica patty yesterday. He put away the woof woofs and curly fries with some alacrity however.

Then to the Shakies for another, more peaceful beer. Fond farewells, and I mooched home early.  Lorraine home having done pilates tonight.

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