Saturday, June 10, 2017

Behind the wizard's curtain

Up late and zoomed down to Brighton station where I met Klaudia and Anton. Klaudia and I were off to London for her golden ticket day. We caught the train, and zoomed up to Victoria discussing a wide variety of matters such as the number of murderers you walk past in a lifetime, her trip to Australia, my play and so on. At Victoria we walked off to find the Wagamama restaurant in Cardinal Place. Klaudia is a big fan of Wagamama and already had her order clear in her head before we arrived. We both had chicken katsu curry, Klaudia ordering a plate of plain noodles as a side dish. We shared some ribs, and finished off with guava and passion fruit sorbet (Klaudia) and yusu ice-cream (moi).

Then to the nearby Apollo Victoria theatre to see the musical Wickedbased on a 1995 novel by Gregory Maguire, called 'Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West' A different take on goings-on in Oz. It was a spectacular show, and Klaudia enjoyed it lots. Even I, not the world's greatest musical fan, really took to it. Gorgeous lighting and costumes, and some wire work with flying monkeys and ascending witches and so on. Pretty good songs too. There was an interlude where Klaudia and I took the opportunity to have some more ice cream. When we emerged blinking into the sunlight (it was a lovely day), we caught the fast train back to Brighton, sitting in an empty carriage talking about the show and saying "See it, say it, sorted" which is the new slogan for reporting suspicious packages which was on the electronic noticeboard. Klaudia adds clicked fingers between say it, and sorted, to add drama.

Then up the hill to Anton's house to return Klaudia safely home. A lovely day with her. Said hello to Oskar, who had been playing football, and then Anton played me some tracks from The Anarchy Arias, which were rather good. Punk songs performed by the English National Opera. Got home and listened to them later with Lorraine. Here is a link to the Sex Pistols' Pretty Vacant.

Home and Lorraine had a good day out with Dawn. Beth home and set off to see a friend, who blew her out just before she reached the pub. She returned and we met her in the PPT for a cheeky beer.  All in all an enjoyable day.

Klaudia and I having just taken our seats at the theatre. We were row E so were pretty close to the action.

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