Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The return of orc foot

Annoyingly, a painful foot in the night. The return of orc foot, after two and a half years of freedom. Not to bad a dose of gout, but enough to prevent me from travelling up to London, as I was in hobble mode and feeling unusually tired. Got up and spoke to Mum and Mas, and then simply went to sleep again. Not sure why this has cropped up again, possibly due to the fact I ate fish and sea creatures four days in a row.

Disappointed to have to miss seeing Mum and Mas.

Worked a bit on my novel MS, and then brain a bit mushy gave into a duvet afternoon and simply watched Netflix. Binge watched Dear White People, which was I thoroughly enjoyed. Obviously had a low key evening with Lorraine and went to bed with drugs.

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