Thursday, June 08, 2017

Election day

Election day, and a fairly busy one for me. Lots to do this morning, before walking to Hove to see Helen.

On route, I pulled my coat on, and my watch strap came off and my new watch fell to the pavement face first and burst like an egg. Somewhat galled by this.

To Helen's. She played me thirty minutes of new music in Act Two of the opera. Some really sophisticated  composing I think. Excellent stuff. Her sons were there too, and I got to meet them before zooming off to the The Boots aka The Duke of Wellington, where Beth and Matt Colborne were rehearsing. Had a pretty good session with them, and a cheeky beer before I walked home, where I was repeatedly plagued by election door knockers from the Green Party, wondering if I had voted yet. When Lorraine came home, we drove off to cast our vote (both for Caroline Lucas).

Finally home, and after supper, I started watching coverage of the Election at 10, with their Exit poll predicting a hung parliament. General astonishment at this. However Lorraine and I pretty tired, so we watched the news on my iPhone in bed for a bit, before we decided to go to sleep and wait till the morning.

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