Sunday, June 25, 2017

The cast assembles

Up and enjoying breakfast this morning. Lorraine, getting towards the end of the school year, had lots of work to get on with. Meanwhile, Beth and I jumped into a taxi and headed off to the Station where we bought some coffee. I took Beth's case as she didn't have enough hands to smoke a cigarette and drink her cup of coffee and pull her case along. To the Boots, where we hung outside for a moment with Matt, and Kitty arrived full of her usual positivity and cheerfulness. Matt is an old friend of hers, and she teases him mercilessly. It was happy afternoon, with lots of laughter. Kitty remembers her part pretty much perfectly, as does Beth. So most of our effort is geared towards getting Matt up to speed. We are doing things differently, and it is making us see new things in the play, which is fun and keeps it fresh. Then Betty off to John's and then up to London to do the showcase early in the week for Vagabond Skies.

I mooched home through the park, and arrived home after six, to Lorraine who was still working. Roast chicken supper. All well, then we watched the last bits of Glastonbury on TV. I admired the sheer courage of Ed Sheeran, who played the closing set on his own with a guitar and a loop pedal. Must be an amazing and terrifying feeling looking out on that multitude, and knowing its all down to you to entertain them.

Below Matt, Kitty and Beth larking about, and me pretending to look at my watch. This I think will be my default pose in social media from now on.

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