Saturday, June 03, 2017


I am fat and unfit. We are going on a diet and I went to the gym today. I downloaded an app and loaded my weight onto it, and set my target. It makes a nice graph. Keen to get my next reading and start the downward  trend.

Scooting about in town with Lorraine. I bought myself a watch, as I had been watchless for two or three months having dropped my watch face down in the gym and all the numbers falling off it. I broke most of my own rules about watches, because it has an olive green face. At least it doesn't have Roman numerals, but it only has 12, and then lines. Also it has a date and three mini dials. It looks quite retro though, in a good way. I have checked my wrist fruitlessly for weeks, and now I don't have to, which is nice.

Home and barbecued some sausages and chicken. I did this not without personal crises as the wind was swirling and coming from every direction at once. Eventually and eccentrically I had to deploy a large golfing umbrella to allow the charcoal briquettes to do their glowy business.  Rosie and Innis came around and we drank beer and sat in the garden. Innis came and looked at the barbie with me of course. Naturally it had been hot all day, but a cold wind had sprung up and the ladies were wrapped up in fleece blankets. We ate indoors, chatting and listening happily to Spotify and eating lots of things including barbecued bananas.

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