Friday, June 30, 2017

A malformation in The Force

Foot somewhat better, and the weird exhaustion that comes with my flare-up on the way out. Spent a very productive day working at my desk. I managed to get lots done. Amusing discussions with Sonia about property. She showed me photos of a nice property in Bulgaria which she and her husband are doing up. She's told me about the good times under communism some time ago. Makes me laugh about what a capitalist she is now.

John came around this evening, and I got a Shahi curry delivered. Nice to see him and we played some cards. There must have been a malformation in The Force, as Beth and I were badly defeated at Euchre for the first time ever by Lorraine and John. Beth and I less competitive so it's always a pleasure to beat people that care. Fun evening, although Lorraine and I pretty shattered, and sloped off to bed fairly early and soberly for a Friday night.

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