Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ten years

Obviously as it was Saturday, it was bit wet and blustery today. However we had a good time. Lorraine and I set off into town, I headed for Cafe Nero where I worked on a bit more of the manuscript, with the pencil of destiny. Lorraine had her nails done, by someone working with Beth.

Then Lorraine and I did a spot of shopping, and then zoomed off to see Janet and Ken. Hus was there, having done some work on their house, and Rod and Clare arrived, Rod being one of Ken's sons. Ken looked pretty well, although he managed to lose a tooth during our conversation, despite this he was in good spirits. Janet on good form too.

We left them and caught the bus back to the centre, where we popped into Riddle & Finns. They took my mobile number and called us when they had a table, an hour or so later. We'd popped into the Cricketers, and then after a bit more shopping into the Druid's Head. Town really busy, as the hordes usually on the beach had headed inland due to the inclement weather and bar staff everywhere seeming swamped.

To celebrate ten years of togetherness, Lorraine and I then thinned out the sea fauna at Riddle & Finns. Oysters, Lorraine's as nature intended, my one cooked.  Lorraine had bream ceviche to start, I had a really good clam chowder followed by Keralan fish curry. Lorraine had the full marine biology lesson on a plate for her main, (although she had problems with a few empty winkles. We washed all this down with two bottles of prosecco and had apple cake and cheese to finish.  

Home on the wrong bus afterwards, and then a walk. A quiet evening after that, with my wifey sleeping on the sofa. I watched Glastonbury coverage and discovered that the Foo Fighters were a band I never needed to hear again.

Below perhaps not the most skilful or flattering of selfies, but you get the idea.

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