Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bee loud gardens

Hard to get out of bed this morning for some reason. The luxury of a Saturday with not too many got to dos. Off to Balcombe to nose about in some open gardens. An eccentrically posh mother and daughter combination in the first, where we paused to have a cup of tea, and I had a piece of apple cake. I looked at an orange flower, and the daughter surged over and said it was a Chilean Fire Bush. Her mother said she stole ideas from other gardens, and mentioned Highgrove. Behind their garden was a meadow, and this was bee loud and lovely.

The second, well off the beaten track, was a crammed garden full of things, and near a cowshed where cows lowed. We bought some plants there, some which were like St Peter Port Daisies. We went scrumping ideas for gardens. And found a few especially in a secret garden, with a fairy in it.

The Tobster's birthday today, sent him a birthday message.

Then home, and pottering about in the garden. We had a game of scrabble in the heat of the back garden, and I barbecued some bits and Lorraine prepared lots of good stuff, which we ate in the garden. Liking this outdoor life in the sun. A happy day spent with Lorraine.

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