Thursday, June 01, 2017

Moulin Huet magic

Last full day in Guernsey. Up for a full Guernsey Breakfast. A hot and sunny day. Lorraine we sat by the pool, and Lorraine listened to her audiobook, I read and then went for a short walk  down Rue Des Grons and returning via Longtrac, and then Rue des Marettes towards the Barbarie again. Gorgeous day. Lorraine and I then finally organised ourselves and set off for Moulin Huet. Our cunning plan was to have a snack at the cafe above the bay, but this was closed on Thursdays. So we walked back up the hill, up the water lanes where we paused to make a wish, before buying some snackables and walking down again.

To the bay where the sand was about to emerge. Spent a hours there, paddling about in the sea with the sun beating down on us.  A duck and two ducklings bobbing and scooting on the waves. A few people there, a group of middle aged Germans with bulging calf muscles, who marched across the whole bay, swum efficiently in the cold water and marched off again. Most of the time there were few people there.

Eventually, with some reluctance, we left the bay, which surely is one of the best places in the entire world. From here back to La Barbarie, before going to Les Douvres for friendly service and a decent pizza, washed down with a cold beer. Finally back to the Barbarie, were we had an absolutely bloody final drink, chatting with one or two of the other guests, before packing and bed.

So below, the wind-wizened bush I always photograph from Rue des Marettes, the water lane, snaps from Moulin Huet, and the path up.

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