Sunday, June 04, 2017

A Sunday saunter

The execrable Calliope waking me up at 5:30 again. Pesky thing. I got up to make some tea and feed it. Weighed myself, I seem to have put on weight since yesterday. The graph on my app is going completely the wrong way.

Lorraine had designated today to be her day of work. I phoned Mum this morning, and then slunk off to meet Catherine and Tanya in a pub called The Geese, for Sunday lunch. It was a celebration of Tanya's birthday. Guy and Tim were there, and Wayne. A very cheery lunch, surprisingly good too. I had roast pork belly, and we all sat by a big open window with the sun coming through. Then we wandered down to the Level where there was a tent of Vegan food providers. Things like Vegan Baileys were to be had there. We'd all eaten Sunday roast so felt a bit rebellious.

Great to see Catherine again, and hear how she was fresh from a triumphant Book Sprint. The idea is to lock several academics into a room together over four days and get them to produce their chapter, which is then proofed and edited there and then and published as a multidisciplinary book on the last evening.  She'd overseen the whole process. Wayne had been up partying all night as usual but managing to keep things together with his usual elegance. Guy talking about how much he loves the Edinburgh festival, and Tim talking to me about spirituality and the fairy movement. Tanya telling me about how she came to Brighton and met Catherine, and about living in Reading beforehand. We all had some ice-cream and a walk by the sea, until I bade them all farewell and made my way home. A really enjoyable afternoon.

Felt happy and free today -- finding myself enjoying things like sunlight, and good company and feeling more relaxed. Lorraine still working, bless her, but she had confined it to one day which was good.

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