Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Almost there

Phew what a scorcher! So hot today, that I decided to forgo the air-conditioning-free gym, or as yesterday an arduous walk. I simply stayed home and worked. They are saying this is the hottest June day since 1976 (33.2° in London apparently, a wee bit cooler on the coast here). I remember that summer well. I was doing my O Levels, I also had a job at Hammersmith Hospital which Gerald had got for me as he was working there in its immunology department, where I was subject to the advances of a male Chinese student who was also working there.

Although we were working in the same building, Gerald refused to drive me to work, so I had to leave an hour and a half before him, walk to Kingsbury station, an hour or so on the tube, and another long walk up Du Cane road past the Prison. I was doing some admin type thing, filing I think. I also had a girlfriend that summer and did most of my socialising in The Bunch of Grapes on Duke Street, by the side of Selfridges on Oxford Street. I think it was there I met Tess and she lived in Hampstead. We are still friends on Facebook.

I have almost finished The Second Kind of Darkness now. Lorraine kindly printed it out for me. Next it is the giant proof read, where I attach my punctuation and grammar head. Having worked as a sub editor at one stage, I do know all this stuff. But I get lazy. Reading it on paper of course will hopefully reveal other deficiencies when they crop up too.

Having reached this stage in my hot office, I felt mentally wrung out. I have no sense of elation. Writing is the easy part, trying to flog it to someone is the rub. But it has a beginning middle and ending, and hangs together well and, importantly, it leaves enough potential story there for a sequel.

Ended up having a sweaty doze this afternoon, before getting up and doing some stuff for my other blog till about seven. I have lots to do on there.

Lorraine home after doing pilates. We ate salad and mackerel and giant couscous outside, and she told me about her day. Children coming up and hugging her seems to be a feature of her headteacher style. The direct emotional rewards from teaching are really good sometimes.

The sky full of unusual clouds this evening.  Spoke to Toby at bed time. His garden and house are looking fantastic. English weather in Toronto apparently. We seem to be having the sweltering North American stuff.

Below the evening clouds from our back garden, sunset of the summer solstice.

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