Friday, June 23, 2017

A short hike to the Hillfort

So a rather storming day's work, if I say so myself. I am now working from printed pages, and feel like I'm at the proof reading stage, although I am making plenty of changes, cutting still further, and changing words, and stabilising the punctuation. But I feel that before my eyes, the thing is taking shape, and what is really exciting, is that it has taken a really good shape. I'm in danger of sounding optimistic here, but blimey. The hard work was worth it I think.

Feeling cheery I set off for an afternoon walk through woods that surround the hilltop Hollingbury golfcourse near hear. There is an ancient hill fort on the top. I mooched about through the undergrowth and under trees, and so on. Crossing the golf course. I was determined to find myself to the hill fort. I can get quite panicky feelings of agoraphobia on top of big bald hills. So I had to fight the fear to make the top. A strangely atmospheric place, with patches of tall gorse. I found in the middle, a little mound where there was the ash of a fire. It made me think of magic right away. Another odd thing. I had been walking around and about for about an hour or so before I got to the top without having any problem with my shoes. Once there, my shoe laces came undone seven times in the space of ten minutes. Once out of the fort, no times. A coincidence but an odd one.

Then back home, where I worked for a couple of hours more. Betty arrived, then Lorraine. Both shattered from their weeks. Beth rehearsing Vagabond Skies, and Lorraine from being a headteacher. A quiet night in tonight.

Feeling happy. One of those days when everything seems to be okay in the world.

A butterfly and a den. Then scenes on the Hillfort, and crows on the way back. I shall return.

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