Monday, June 26, 2017

The happy monk

Monday, and a pleasant day working on the manuscript. Found one or two sticky patches, where there oughtn't to be sticky patches, so had to rework those. More irritating correspondence from the theatre group in Edinburgh. They specialise in passive aggressively telling you to do things you've already done. Off to the gym, and did a bit of trundling on the cross trainer, my energy is low.  Walked home through the park and got on with my work again, interrupted occasionally by cats. A bit of a monkish routine, but it makes me happy.

Lorraine home, and I served up the small curry I had cooked, and then we watered the garden and lurked about there for a bit, before coming inside to watch The Handmaid's Tale. An early night. Read a story from Winesburgh, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson called Hands to Lorraine, which was rather sad.

And so to bed.

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