Friday, June 09, 2017

A nation reels

Spent the morning trying to get my head around the Election results, and generally feeling heartened by them. Went to sleep not believing the polls taken of voters that there would be a hung parliament, and hearing the first to election results which showed a much smaller swing to labour. Awoke to find the nation reeling in surprise that the Jeremy Corbyn's campaign had been so successful, while Theresa May's robotic reputation of strong and stable, whiled doing U-Turns and hiding from the public had mysteriously not gone down so well.  What I am most pleased about is that there are clear signs that young people actually voted in their droves this time, many of them energised by Labour. This has to be good for democracy. Pleased also to see the MP I voted for, Caroline Lucas, who is the only Green MP in parliament greatly increase her majority. She is pound for pound one of the most effective MPs around. As I put on a rare Facebook post, we need bridge builders not balloon juice pedlars.

I don't like May but her throwing away of a workable parliamentary majority, has resulted in such public humiliation I almost feel sorry for her. As Gary Lineker tweeted, 'I think Theresa May as won own goal of the season.'

Sent stuff off to Edinburgh for theSpace venue people to look at. Then after chats with Sonia, made off into town. First I went to the watch shop where they unquestioningly replaced my watch. I replayed this by reviewing their shop on Google. Brilliant. Then to the gym and had a shower there and repaired to the ideologically unsound Starbucks where I had a large cup of tea and did some work.

Thence to my doctors, and had a long chat with him about blood pressure. My readings again high, and the conundrum is to decide if this is just due to me being a hysterical personality or if my blood pressure is high. We are going to check again in a month, and he may have to medicine me. My doctor is a lovely man. He is now working part time, but I only want to see him. So I left the doctor trying to keep calm, and trying not to too vividly picture myself exploding like a blood filled balloon.

Cheered by a message from Richard Gibson, containing a photo of loads of £20 notes. He put a tenner on at 25-1 that labour would get between 250 and 299 seats. Kerching!

Lorraine and I were due to meet Malcolm and Lynne tonight, but Malcolm had exhausted himself staying up all night watching the election drama unfold. Lorraine and I nevertheless decided to have a curry at the Shahi anyway and put the world to rights there. Felt fairly cheery despite the doctor business. Walked up the hill and home.

Theresa May sucks it up.

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