Saturday, March 25, 2017

Top Cats and a Night Shift

I was awake annoyingly early, thanks to Calliope. But we got revenge as Lorraine drove us along with Brian and Calliope to Top Cats. Calliope complaining all the way.  Calliope needs some dental work, which will cost her two teeth and us an arm and a leg. Such a nice vet there, so gentle and charming.

Home after driving into town to buy cat food and picking up a prescription. Home, and Lorraine conked out exhaustedly on the sofa and slept for hours. I don't think she is very well. I slept too, then stated reading the highly enjoyable Head On, a memoir by Julian Cope, I heard discussed on Radio 4's a good read.

In the evening Lorraine, Betty and I off in the bus to Hove where we went to The Exchange where we saw John's band, Night Shift. Jess and Andrew came, and Rosie and Innis, and Innis's brother. Beth's pal Laura came too with her rather nice boyfriend, Brahim. I had to drag myself out tonight, feeling very tired, Lorraine was too, but actually we had a really nice time. John, actually smiled while drumming at one point, which was worth going there for alone. Nice to see everyone. Some dancing too, including one chap who was around my age dancing wildly, which was excellent.

Very happy not to be in a train at any point today. A taxi home, and so to bed.

Below The Night Shift boys at their funky business.

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