Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Walked down to the station this morning, as Lorraine was able to sleep in a bit having a meeting. Absorbed in the Cope book there and back on the train. It is a double sided book, like Richard and my A Guernsey Double, with the two books of his memoirs on it, Head-on and Repossessed. How these people stayed alive is beyond me. While high on a cocktail of drugs, one of the games the musicians played was called Sock, where Cope would put a sock over his head and climb out of a window across the roof of the moving tour bus and in through another one on the other side.

I arrived at work feeling irritable. However as the day wore on things improved, and Keith and I worked together cheerfully enough. Bought some sushi for lunch. Supportive text from Lorraine made a big difference. Also Anton and I arranged to have a cheeky bout of woof woof wings with a beer tomorrow.

Last minute changes in the presentation Keith and I were putting together meant that I didn't get home till nine. Chatting with Lorraine as I left the building, and it seemed ages till we were together.  My lovely Lorraine cooked me a stir fry and all was well. Early to bed.

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